STAR Program


Enroll in multiple classes at a discount with the STAR program and become a better dancer faster!

Skills Taught at an Accelerated Rate, or STAR, is our program for students who love to dance, and can’t get enough of the stage! 

The STAR program makes becoming a great dancer easy and fun by offering two or more weekly classes at a discount. Each student also receives special awards, an invite to our notorious pizza party lock in at the Ballard studio, and opportunities for more stage time.  STAR dancers also have the exclusive opportunity to sign up for our STAR Performance Troupes!

Second weekly class- 10% off!

Third and additional weekly classes - 15% off!


Ages 3-6: 

Take two weekly classes of your choice.

Receives special award, t-shirt, and invite to fun pizza party!

Ages 7&Up: 

Recommended three or more weekly classes for good progress

Receives special award, t-shirt, invite to pizza party, opportunity to take exclusive master classes.

Levels 1A and up:

S.T.A.R students levels 1 A and above can register to take one of our weekly S.T.A.R Technique Classes for free! Choose from Turns and Leaps, Performance Tricks and Tips, or Strength and Conditioning!

STAR Performance Troupe

Students who are enrolled in our S.T.A.R. Program have the option to join our STAR performance Troupes! The Troupes meet weekly to rehearse and perform at various community events throughout the year. Advanced Troupe members have the exclusive opportunity to perform solos at our recitals. Our Troupes consist of:

Twinkle Team

Ages 5-7, Must have had at least one full year of dance with the Academy and currently enrolled in another class. $79 per month plus a one time $250 materials fee.

Sparkle Squad

For ages 7 and up. Must have two years prior dance experience at the Academy and be enrolled in two other technique classes. Levels 1A & 2. $89 per month plus a one time $250 materials fee.

Shooting Stars

Dancers must be at a Level 3 & higher, have 3 years prior dance experience at the Academy, and be enrolled in at least two technique classes in addition to troupe. Enrollment is by instructor approval only. $96 per month plus a one time $250 materials fee.

*Troupe Rehearsal rates are not factored into the class discount structure.