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Teaching Assistant Program at the Academy of Music & Dance

In this free program we train students to become hard workers and exemplary leaders. Through hands on training in class and leadership workshops, students in the program gain the skills to achieve their dreams personally and professionally. 

Teacher Assistants learn how to become role models and mentors to younger students as well as how to appropriately interact with authority figures like parents and teachers. We guide students through the application process, to learning what it means to be a leader with fun interactive seminars and workshops, to gaining real world work experience that they can add to resumes and college applications.  Our program is not only about making great dancers or dance teachers, but about making great people, who are ready to enter the "real world" with confidence and experience.

We encourage all of our students age ten or older to apply! 

Please fill out the form below to apply for the Teaching Assistant Program (TAP). Parents please enter your name and email so we may contact your student through you, but the student should fill out the rest themselves! Not all applicants are guaranteed an assistant position. If you are declined this session we will send you some helpful tips on how to improve to apply again next time! If you are accepted, we will contact you with our initial meeting and training dates and the classes you are assigned to.

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