Private Music Instruction


Are you looking for private lessons in a clean, safe environment with university trained instructors?

Then The Ballard & Shoreline Academies are for you. And the best part is that you can register at any time of the year! Our professional facilities in Ballard and Shoreline have real pianos and sound dampened rooms with windows in every door. All of our music instructors are university trained and have undergone a criminal background check for your piece of mind. And we always have a front desk person to assist you. In addition, our academy is free from the distractions present in home lessons and lessons offered in the back of noisy music stores. Finally, the Ballard & Shoreline Academies put on two fun and low pressure student recitals per year. These performances are on a volunteer basis and are free of charge to performers and attendees. Every student in our year-end recital receives a performance medal!

Private lessons versus group classes

Group music classes are great, especially for young children who aren't ready for focused 30 minute private lessons. In fact, many young students benefit more from group classes. But once a student is old enough and has the attention span to participate in a 30 minute private lesson (usually around 5-6 years of age), we believe that private instruction is the best way for anyone to learn how to play an instrument.  One-on-one instruction means that students are given the instruction that best suits how they learn as an individual.  Private lessons allow students to learn the type of music they personally are most interested in.  Also with private lessons a teacher can focus 100% of their attention on that one student to ensure that things such as hand positioning, posture or understanding of a particular concept are correct.  If a student has a particular difficulty in one area, the teacher can work on it without hampering the progress of a class of students and alternatively if a student is excelling in one area, the teacher can take the student to the next level. We offer 30 minute, 45 minute and 1 hour lessons.  Our music teachers have university training in the instruments that they teach.  We teach students from beginners to very advanced.

Adult students:

We are proud to work with many adult music students at the Ballard and Shoreline Academies. We have convienient, weekday evening lesson times available, as well as weekend times, and run lessons year round. Our teachers love working with students of all ages, and many of our long time students are adults. Learning an instrument trancends age, and there is plenty of evidence that learning music, and to play an instrument, helps keep the brain healthy and strong into the advanced years. It's never too late to start learning an instrument. Our instructors can keep you accountable with weekly lessons, and promise not to be too tough when life gets in the way of practicing. Whether you want to finally rock out on an electric guitar, fulfilling a life long fantasy, or just relearn an instrument that has been sadly collecting dust for way too long, we can help.

What we offer:

We offer Private instruction in most instruments, including Piano, Keyboard, Voice, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Violin, Viola, Trumpet, and Drums.

Do you want to learn an instrument that isn't listed? 

The Ballard & Shoreline Academies have more than 70 university trained instructors on call. Let us know what instrument you are interested in studying, and we will find the right teacher for you.  

"Why can't we sign up online?"

Great question. It's incredibly important for us to match up new students with the right teacher. Our front desk staff are trained to find the best teacher for your needs. Whether it be dealing with scheduling constraints or finding the perfect teaching style for you or your child, our front desk staff are here to help.


60 Min. Weekly Private Lesson: $270 per month (10% discount!)

45 Min. Weekly Private Lesson: $214 per month (5% discount!)

30 Min. Weekly Private Lesson: $150 per month.

STAR program for 60 minute students:

Skills Taught at an Accelerated Rate, or "STAR," is our new program for students who love music! Every student enrolled in 60 minute lessons is automatically enrolled in our STAR program at no additional cost! Each STAR student receives special awards, a STAR t-shirt, and an end of the year party! The STAR program makes becoming a great musician fun!

Note: Tuition and fees must be paid through automatic withdrawal from credit or debit card. No cash, checks, or bank drafts accepted.

Tuition fees subject to change.