Dance Tuition & Fees

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Per Term Registration Fee: $35 per student (max of 2 Registration fees per family)

1 hour 15  Min. Class: $106 per month

1 hour Class: $86 per month

45 Min. Class: $76 per month

Dance Costume Fees:  Costume charges are for each class and withdrawn automatically along with tuition on December 1st, or another date in case of enrollment after December 1st. There are no discounts for costumes. Costume charges are non-refundable once they have been ordered, even if the student withdraws from classes. State sales tax will be added to the total costume cost. Costume charges are as follows:

  • Toddlers & Ages 3-4 Classes $79 + state sales tax

  • Ages 5-6 Classes $89 + state sales tax

  • Level 1 Classes $95 + state sales tax

  • Level 1A, Level 2, & Teen Classes $110 + state sales tax

  • Level 3 & 4 classes (not including ballet) $110 + state sales tax

  • Ballet Levels 3 & 4 $125 + state sales tax

Recitals: Admission to our winter showcase is free. End of the year June recitals will have tickets- everyone who is watching the show will need a ticket to attend. Ticket prices vary depending on the venue, but you should plan on spending around $23 per ticket. For recital dates and ticket info give us a call at 206 240 3408.