Dance Tuition & Fees

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Yearly Registration Fee: $35 per student (max of 2 Registration fees per family)

1 hour 15  Min. Class: $99.50 per month

1 hour Class: $79.50 per month

45 Min. Class: $69.50 per month

Dance Costume Fees:  Costume fees for the year-end recital are as follows: 2-4 year olds, $79; 5-6 year olds, $89; Level 1, $95; Teen Dance, $95; Levels 1A, 2 and Jazz 3 $110; Ballet 3, $125.  Fees cover tights and costumes only. Costume fees are scheduled to be withdrawn on December 1st. via automatic payment.

Recitals: Admission to our winter showcase is free. You can attend our year end recital by purchasing tickets. Ticket prices vary depending on the venue, but you should plan on spending around $23 per ticket. For recital dates and ticket info give us a call at 206 240 3408.