"I Dream in Color" Dance Recital 2018

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We are gearing up for our annual June Dance recital. You should have received your recital packet already, but if you need to download it here, feel free. Costumes are going out, dances are being worked on, and the studios are abuzz with excitement. The year end recital is an important day for our dancers, they feel so proud of the work they've done, and the experience of performing in front of a large audience is invaluable. One of our jobs as instructors and parents is to build up our children's self esteem and self worth, the recitals help with all of that. Behind the scenes, which we and our parent volunteers see, is community, dancers helping each other with quick changes, doing hair and make-up, and helping the youngest dancers feel comfortable and excited. If you would like to volunteer for one or all of our recitals please fill out the form here and we will be in touch. Parent volunteers must pass a background check and be able to come to our pre-recital meeting.